Five Reasons Why You Might Have a Compensation Claim

It is a fact of life that, sadly, ‘accidents do happen’ but actually a genuine unexpected ‘act of God’ event that occurs totally at random is quite a rare occurrence.

Most accidents can in fact be attributed to some form of action or lack of action by a particular party, which means that a share of the blame can be fairly apportioned. This is often the case when it comes to road accidents, when it might not be a clear cut decision as to where one party is wholly to blame. Here a judgement is made or agreement reached whereby a percentage of blame is laid at each door.

There are many circumstances where someone might end up injured or ill as a consequence of an accident and here are five common scenarios which can often lay the basis for a successful compensation claim.


Road Accidents

One of the biggest areas of activity when it comes to financial compensation for injury as a result of an accident is as a result of those where motor vehicles are involved.

Whether you are the driver or a passenger, or indeed a pedestrian who comes into contact with a vehicle, there are many types of road accident which are directly due to some form of negligence and as such liable to provide the grounds for a claim.


In The Workplace

Injury lawyers are often contacted by people who have suffered an injury or contracted an illness in the normal course of their work. Obviously today there are a great many Health and Safety regulations in place, many of them back by the full force of the law. As such it is an area in which people should expect to receive financial redress is they suffer from a situation that could otherwise have reasonably been expected to be avoided.


Sports Related

As more and more people take an interest in their own general health and well-being the amount of accidents and injuries suffer in the course of taking part in sports and training activities is on the rise. Deliberate injury inflicted by a dangerous tackle in contact sports through to faulty equipment found in a gym could make solid grounds for legal redress.


Public Places

As we go about our day to day business we expect to be protected from dangerous or perilous situations. There is a duty of care which comes into play when it comes to things such as the local council making sure footpaths and pavements are fit for purpose. Ill maintained walkways can be a problem for older people, especially in the winter months, and if an injury is suffered from a fall that could otherwise have been avoided then financial compensation should be forthcoming.


Medical Negligence

Sadly sometimes the professional care and service offered by doctors, surgeons, nurses and other practitioners can fall short of what is expected and even sometimes be straightforward negligence. In an area where everybody trusts that their best interests are the basis for all actions taken, it can be devastating to find that malpractice or error has caused them injury or illness. This is certainly something that demands the most stringent action.