Construction Site Injury Claims

Construction sites inevitably contain potential hazards or hazardous situations in the form of heavy machinery, the requirement to work at height, large and heavy suspended objects and other dangers, which may result in injury or worse. But just because a construction site is a naturally dangerous environment doesn’t mean that those dangers should be accepted, or that serious injuries are to be regarded as a ‘risk you take’ working on a construction site.

All employers have a legal responsibility to protect their workers from hazards as far as possible, and to provide adequate safety and protective equipment. If your employer has failed to do so and you have suffered injury as a result of their negligence then you are entitled to claim compensation.

Construction site injuries are all too commonplace

Though the situation has improved over the past couple of decades due to stricter regulations, the construction industry remains a high risk for accidents. According to statistics released by the government’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE), although the construction sector employs only 5% of the UK workforce, it accounts for 27% of fatal injuries and 9% of major injuries reported to the authorities. In 2010/11 alone there were 50 reported fatalities – more than any other sector.

As well as accidents resulting from falls, being hit by falling objects or by heavy machinery or vehicles, there are many other hazards that can result in injury, time off work and even permanent disability. Vibration White Finger (or hand/arm vibration syndrome) is a common result of years operating vibrating machinery, while exposure to dangerous chemicals and materials (such as asbestos) are serious threats if insufficient safety equipment and training are provided. According to the HSE, approximately half of all occupational cancers are caused by carcinogens in the construction industry.

Whatever the nature of your injury, if it is the result of your employer’s negligence then you are entitled to claim for compensation. Self-employed construction workers and contractors can also claim against the company they were working for at the time, as can construction site visitors in some instances.

‘No win, no fee’ solicitors for construction accident claims

Though there is often a ‘bravado’ culture that surrounds construction work that may deter some people from pursuing compensation, it’s important to remember that if you’ve been injured in an accident which was not your fault then you have every right to make a claim. And when you contact Injury Lawyers 4U, your claim will always be dealt with in the strictest confidence.

Our experienced team of personal injury lawyers can fight on your behalf to obtain financial compensation for your accident. This may cover not only the trauma and pain caused by the injury itself, but also any loss of income due to time off work, medical and rehabilitation costs and other related expenses. And because we work on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis, we take the risk out of making a compensation claim.

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