Investigation Reveals 762 Medical Blunders In Four Years

An investigation by the BBC has found that 762 ‘never events’ occurred in English hospitals between 2009 and 2012. A ‘never event’ is a mistake or act of negligence that’s classified by the Department of Health as so serious that it should never happen.

The total of 762 was broken down as follows:

  •  – 322 foreign objects left inside patients’ bodies after surgery
  •  – 214 operations carried out on the wrong body part
  •  – 73 feeding tubes inserted into patients’ lungs
  •  – 58 incorrect implants or prostheses fitted.

The NHS estimates that the chances of a ‘never event’ happening to a patient is around one in 20,000, so whilst rare, these blunders are still happening too often. Even more worryingly, a separate report has recently revealed that, in the last five years, almost 200 doctors have escaped referral to the GMC after making near-fatal errors.

Of course, the vast majority of medical professionals do a superb job, often under very difficult circumstances. However, mistakes do sometimes happen – whether as a result of lack of skill or competence, poor judgement or simple human error. And if you’ve suffered physical or emotional harm or loss because a doctor or nurse has failed in their duty of care, then you’re entitled to claim compensation on the grounds of medical negligence.

You don’t have to suffer a ‘never event’ to have a valid claim. There are all kinds of clinical and medical negligence claims, from cosmetic procedures that have gone wrong through to complications following a mishandled birth. Thankfully, many patients make a full recovery. But in some cases, lifelong physical or mental disability can result for the patient, or in the case of birth injuries, their child.

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