Back injuries are one of the most common forms of industrial injury and account for millions of missed man hours every year. They can take the form of fractures, torn ligaments, a frozen shoulder, or sprains. Some back injuries do not have long-lasting effects and victims can recover relatively quickly. However, others can require extensive time off work to heal, and even surgery or physical therapy to repair the damage. In the worst case, a back injury may cause permanent paralysis and dramatically affect the life of the victim for years to come.

Grounds for making a claim

If the circumstances in which your back injury took place are the result of another individual’s negligence then you may have grounds for a personal injury claim. A common example of this is injuries in the workplace. If your job involves manual work that requires a lot of bending, lifting and twisting, it is imperative that you receive proper training and instruction on the safest way of doing this from your employers. If they did not give you any training, or the training you did receive was inadequate and you then go on to suffer a back injury as a result of poor technique, you could make a successful back injury claim against your employer.

Another frequent source of back injuries is as a result of playing sports or using the gym. Anyone who plays sports should have a reasonable expectation of occasionally suffering from minor injuries – bumps, scrapes and the occasional sprained muscle are par for the course in most sports. But, if you receive a serious back injury due to the actions of another player behaving dangerously, faulty equipment or a lack of supervision then you may have a case.

Why should I make a back injury claim?

Even if your back injury is minor, it can still result in time off work and impact your earnings. Medical and physiotherapy bills can mount up, and a bad injury may seriously affect your quality of life. More serious personal injury can result in a complete lifestyle change and the need to purchase specialist equipment. There is also the mental distress caused by a serious back injury, not being able to work, or having difficulty doing anything active like caring for your children or driving.

Undergoing rehabilitation for a back injury can use a lot of time and money, especially if a long period of rest is required for your complete recovery. Not many people will have the budget to ensure that this does not become a strain on their finances, so getting the compensation you are entitled to can be a real weight off your mind. As well as the financial side of things, it is justifiable to seek out compensation to recompense you for emotional pain and suffering. At Injury Lawyers 4U, we know how much a back injury can impact on your life, so we go out of our way to get you the compensation that you deserve to help you on the road to recovery.

Receiving your compensation for your back injury

Our friendly team of specialist injury lawyers have years of experience in dealing with these cases. Furthermore, as we’re ‘no win, no fee’ solicitors, you can rest assured that we will work to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve.
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