What is medical negligence?

When you are treated by a medical professional, whether a doctor, nurse or dentist, you expect a certain level of care or a reasonable level of treatment. In some cases this reasonable level of care isn’t provided and can lead to illness of injury. If this is the case you may be able to bring a medical negligence claim for compensation.

Can you claim?

If you’ve been injured because of the actions or lack of them by a doctor, nurse, dentist or any other medical professional you may be able to make a medical negligence claim.

What can you claim for?

If you’ve suffered an injury or loss as a result of medical negligence then you can claim compensation for a number of different things:

  • Physical & Mental Suffering – you’ve endured as a result of negligence and for the impact this has had on your quality of life
  • Time you’ve been off work or been unable to work –  you can claim for loss of earnings
  • Further medical treatment & care – needed as a result can also be claimed for
  • Any other costs – to you due to medical negligence

What do you need to prove?

In order to be successful in your claim you will need to prove two separate things:

  • Fault – that the healthcare professional failed to carry out their responsibilities
  • Avoidable harm (causation) – that this caused you to be in the position you are in now


When it comes to the fault element the most important thing is that the duty of care owed to you by the medical professional has been breached. It needs to be shown that the care or treatment you received fell below the standard expected of a reasonably competent and skilful specialist. This basically means that you weren’t given the care you would expect or treated in the way you could reasonably hope to be treated.

Causation / Avoidable Harm

The second element you need to show is that the fault caused you harm, rather than being a consequence of your underlying condition. In the field of medical or clinical negligence this can be the most important element of a case, especially in a situation where you may already have been injured or ill.

How much compensation will you receive?

The amount of compensation given for medical negligence claims depend on a number of factors. Such as the severity of the injury, loss of earnings and the impact it has had on your life.

How we can help

Winning a medical negligence case can take some time and requires in-depth knowledge and experience of the process. With InjuryLawyers4U you’re guaranteed expert guidance and support every way. What’s more our ‘no win, no fee’ solicitors will fight hard for you to get the maximum compensation you deserve.

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