If you’ve been injured in a bike accident on the road and it wasn’t your fault, you may be able to claim compensation for personal injury. The amount you are able to claim will depend on the nature of the accident, the extent of your injuries, the treatment required and the impact on your daily life. 

You’re probably wondering how long a claim will take. However, there’s no single answer to that question. Different cases have their own complexities, and the timeframe can vary for a host of reasons, but when you seek legal help from InjuryLawyers4U, you’ll find a solicitor that’s committed to securing the compensation you deserve and seeking justice for the safety of all road users. 

Here, we’ll explain how long a cycling injury claim can take, and the factors that can affect the timeframe.

Cycling Related Injury Claims

While cycling is a green-friendly, cost-friendly and healthy way to travel, it’s also one that can unfortunately be dangerous. In 2020, the Department for Transport reported that over 4,000 cyclists suffered serious injuries in road accidents that year, while 141 cyclists were killed.

In situations where the cyclist is injured on the road and another party is at fault, the cyclist may have grounds to open a personal injury claim. After seeking treatment for your injuries, the next step is to gather evidence and reach out to a personal injury lawyer to fight on your behalf.

It’s important to know that from the date the accident took place, you have a time limit of three years to initiate a personal injury claim in most cases. Getting in touch with InjuryLawyers4U early on is one of the best ways to help give yourself the best chance of securing compensation. It allows more time to gather evidence, be seen by a medical expert and have the most accurate, detailed medical report, and generally gives your solicitor more time to build a strong case.

How long does a cycling injury claim take to settle?

The time it takes to settle a claim for personal injury can vary. A typical claim can take in the region of 4 months to 3 years to settle. However, this is for good reason.

With complex personal injury claims, it may take a longer time to recover from injuries and realise the future treatment or care that could be required. These are things that are factored into the total compensation your solicitor will pursue. We understand that compensation is necessary to cover the cost of treatment as well as loss of income and any care provisions, but settling too early could be detrimental. 

If you don’t wait for a full prognosis, you could potentially accept an offer that’s too low for the scale of the claim. That’s why it’s worth waiting for the outcome of the treatment you receive, in order for a medical professional to provide the most accurate medical assessment and for your solicitor to pursue an accurate and appropriate compensation figure.

The settlement process for cycling injury claims

Once you’ve received treatment and your solicitor has gathered all the necessary evidence, they’ll submit a claim notice letter to the party at fault. Once their insurer receives the letter, they’ll likely send a settlement offer. We often advise not to accept the first offer as it can be significantly lower than the figure that is pursued. In this instance, your expert lawyer will make a counteroffer, and this process can continue. 

The time taken to negotiate can make a big impact on the overall settlement time. However, if the negotiation is successful, the responsible party’s insurers will send the compensation and the settlement process is complete. While most personal injury claims resolve in this manner, some go to court when an agreeable settlement can’t be reached. 

It’s worth discussing with your solicitor whether or not going to court is the best option. After all, it will add to your legal costs and affect your total compensation, it may take longer to settle your case and there’s no guarantee the court will rule in your favour. However, if you are unable to settle with the other party out of court, issuing court proceedings may be the only remaining course of action. And remember, with InjuryLawyers4U, you only pay legal fees if your case is successful. So, the financial impact of taking your cycling injury claim to court shouldn’t affect your decision.

Factors that impact the length of the settlement process

There are a few factors that can add time to the settlement process for a cycling injury claim. Here are the most common:

  • It may take time to either recover from your injuries or complete your course of medical treatment.
  • In more serious accidents, it can take a while for your doctor or a medical professional to send your medical records or produce a full medical report.
  • The settlement process with the defendant may go through several stages of negotiation.
  • The case may go to court if both parties can’t reach an agreeable settlement beforehand.

Though InjuryLawyers4U cannot guarantee the time it’ll take to settle your case, our expert solicitors are dedicated to fighting for the right level of compensation on your behalf. It may take a little longer than expected, but our lawyers are committed to seeking the best resolution for you.

How can InjuryLawyers4U help with your cycling injury claim?

While it’s not possible to give a detailed time frame for your case, In most instances of personal injury, you have three years to initiate a claim. InjuryLawyers4U can take the stress out of the claim process, leaving you to focus on your recovery. Our expert solicitors will:

  • Let you know early on if your claim is likely to be successful.
  • Gather evidence around the accident and submit it with your notice of claim.
  • Use their extensive knowledge of personal injury law to benefit your case.
  • Know whether a settlement offer is worth accepting or rejecting, and not be intimidated by the defendant’s lawyers.

Speak to an experienced advisor now

If you’ve been injured while out cycling and it wasn’t your fault, it’s important to speak to a lawyer to get the claim process under way. The compensation you could receive will help cover the cost of treatment and cover other costs while you’re out of work and focusing on recovery. And with our no win no fee agreement, there’s no financial risk in seeking professional legal assistance. 

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