Making a compensation claim against the police  

The police are subject to the demands of the law just like anyone else. Police officers have a duty to protect the well-being of the public to the best of their ability.  If a police officer’s negligent behaviour causes a personal injury to another person, that person has every right to seek financial compensation from the police force.

What Types of Incidents can be Claimed For?

Claims against the police can include:

  • Being subjected to mental or emotional distress
  • Being subjected to unnecessary physical violence
  • Being subjected to restraint or assault on your person by a member of the police force
  • An officer misusing a weapon (such as a baton)
  • Discrimination, harassment or abuse related to race, gender or sexual orientation
  • False imprisonment
  • Accidents caused by police vehicles
  • Claims by a victim’s family members if the victim has died in police custody

How can I make a claim?

Making a claim against the police can be intimidating, especially if you have already been subjected to unfair or brutal behaviour from them.  Take advantage of the years of expertise available from our specialist lawyers at Injury Lawyers 4U. They are fully qualified and highly experienced in the process of making claims against the police, whether that claim relates to an assault, an accident, or a miscarriage of justice.  We can lead you through the procedure and make sure you are aware of what is needed at each stage. If it is also necessary to involve the Independent Police Claims Commission or establish medical evidence, we can manage this for you.  In addition, we can let you know if you may also have grounds for a criminal injury claim.

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