Making a claim for compensation for muscle and soft tissue injuries

If you have suffered from a muscle or soft tissue injury (such as a twisted ankle or shoulder sprain) in an accident or altercation for which someone else is responsible, then you may be able to make a claim for compensation. The amount of compensation received will depend on the nature and effect of your personal injury.

At Injury Lawyers 4U we can evaluate your situation and quickly advise you as to whether or not your injury and the circumstances which surrounded its occurrence will provide a solid case for compensation to be brought before the Courts.  You can rely on our many years of practical experience involving these types of cases and our strong history of gaining compensation for victims.
Types of Injuries

Torn ligaments, strains, pulled tendons, nerve damage, and general deep muscle bruising all come under the heading of ‘muscle and soft tissue injury’. Sometimes the symptoms of this kind of personal injury do not show up immediately after the incident that caused them. But if you find yourself suffering from swelling, bruising, joint stiffness, difficulty moving in a certain way or unusual muscular pain, you may have sustained a muscle or soft tissue injury. It is advisable to consult a medical professional as soon as possible in order to discover the nature of the damage and receive appropriate treatment.

We also advise against accepting the first offer of compensation from your employer or insurance company.  Soft tissue injuries may appear to heal quickly; however, there can be further complications later down the line.  Talk to our approachable, down to earth solicitors before you accept any offers of compensation which may be well below the sum that you are actually entitled to.
Grounds for claims

If you received your injury in a road accident, and it can be proven that you were not at fault, then you are entitled to hold the driver involved accountable for the pain and suffering caused.

Other scenarios where another individual could be responsible for preventing your injury are:

  • Injuries that occur while in police custody
  • Accidents in the workplace that can be linked to inadequate training, unsafe working environments, or faulty machinery,
  • Sports injuries caused by someone behaving inappropriately,
  • Gym injuries resulting from lack of proper instruction and/or supervision

If it was someone else’s duty to ensure your well-being, and they failed in that duty, which resulted in you suffering damage and/or loss then you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation against them.

Benefits of Making a Claim

Recovering from muscle injuries can put you out of action for a while, and when this happens, there is often a knock-on effect. Time away from work can result in less money coming in, and you may be restricted from driving or lifting anything heavy. Looking after any dependants such as children or elderly parents will suddenly become much harder and additional help may be needed. Receiving peace of mind over the cost of all this is invaluable, as it allows you to concentrate on recovery, rather than financial worries.

You can instruct our services on a no win no fee basis, allowing you to negate any financial risk that could normally result from making a claim for compensation through the Courts.  We will advise you fully on how no win no fee works.
Receiving your compensation

At Injury Lawyers 4U, our team of expert lawyers are happy to advise you as to the amount and type of compensation you might be able to claim, and if there is any other circumstances surrounding your case that you may be able to claim for. For example, if you sustained a muscle injury in a car accident you may be able to ask for compensation to the damage done to your vehicle as well as for your personal injury.

Injury Lawyers 4U work tirelessly to achieve the best result and the maximum amount of compensation for you, no matter what your circumstances. You can speak to a representative at any time 24 hours a day, seven days a week on 0800 221 8888, or use the contact form and we will call you straight back.