Can you claim for personal injury following an accident in the air?

Being involved in a plane crash ranks pretty highly on most people’s ‘worst nightmare’ list.  We all know that statistically you are far more likely to die in a motor vehicle accident that in an aircraft crash, but that does not prevent at least ten percent of passengers on any single flight wishing they could be somewhere else.

Despite all the ongoing improvements to aviation travel, air accidents do still occur, and 99.9% of them do not involve anything as dramatic as a full blown plane crash.  Consider the following incidents:

  • A Virgin Australia plane struck severe turbulence on a routine flight between Canberra and Sydney which resulted in a flight attendant suffering a broken leg.
  • United Airlines faced a six figure lawsuit in 2013 after a woman sued the airline after hot coffee was spilt on her during a flight from Madrid to Newark, New Jersey.
  • A person travelling on an Alaskan Airlines flight was paid an undisclosed sum of compensation after receiving a knee injury following a collision with a beverage cart.
  • In 2018, a UK airline was held responsible when a laptop stored in an overhead locker fell on a passenger’s head.

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The Montreal Convention

The Montreal Convention is a unilateral treaty which provides systematic rights and compensation procedures to people who are injured in air accidents.  It provides that airliners are strictly liable for claims up to £100,000.00 and allows for passengers to claim for damages in the country in which they primarily reside.

Most major carriers are party to this treaty; however, it is important to note that any claims must be made within two years.

If the claim for damages is over £100,000.00, the claimant will be required to prove that the airline was negligent.

Our solicitors are have full knowledge of the Montreal Convention and can assist you with claims both under and above the £100,000.00 threshold.

How Can I Claim?

If you have been involved in an air accident and wish to inquire as to whether you are entitled to receive compensation, call our offices on 0333 400 4445 to speak to one of our friendly staff.  We will evaluate your case and let you know quickly whether it is worth pursuing a claim.  Alternatively, you can request a call back using our contact form and we be in touch in the manner in which you have requested.

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