No Win No Fee Promise

Simply, you will not be charged if your claim is unsuccessful.

No win no fee is a term used to describe an agreement between a lawyer and the injured person. It states that the client cannot be charged if their personal injury compensation claim is unsuccessful.

Typically, customers pay 25% of the amount that is recovered. This can vary and maybe more or less. Termination fees may apply if you fail to co-operate with your lawyer.

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You're safe with us

Here at Injury Lawyers 4U we realise the frustrations of cold calling, and we ensure that our our customers data stays with IL4U

Our data centres have been setup to ensure any data passed through the website is secure. Any details that are passed outside of the website are dealt with by professional solicitors who understand the importance of privacy.

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Highly qualified

InjuryLawyers4u is a not for profit marketing consortium of law firms specialising in personal injury, who operate together as claims management company, authorised and regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority. IL4U will take your call initially and put you through to one of the expert lawyers within our network. All of our lawyers are qualified experienced experts. Take advantage of our specialists at Injury Lawyers 4U, they have years of experience in the field.

They are highly professional and fully qualified for making a claim in a many different areas. Submitting a claim can be intimidating, but we can lead you through the procedure and make sure you are aware of what is needed at each stage.