We understand how anxious you are to settle matters and therefore, we make every effort to settle claims as quickly as possible.  A simple, uncomplicated claim can usually be completed within a few months.

What About More Complex Claims?

If your claim is more complex, or you suffered severe, ongoing injuries, the process will take longer.  We take our duty to act in the best interests of our clients seriously, so we will take the time to build a solid case in your favour.   This may include obtaining statements from expert witnesses and medical professionals. This may extend the amount of time your matter takes, however, the stronger your case the more likely it is that the court will award you the maximum amount of compensation possible.

Will It Cost Me More In Legal Fees If My Claim Is More Complex?

No.  We work on no win no fee arrangements. Therefore, it makes no difference how long it takes to work on your claim. If you happen to be unsuccessful you will not pay any legal fees to us, no matter how long your case takes us to process.