Any personal injury claims require detailed medical reports, and the more medical evidence we can produce, the stronger your claim will be.  Although it is likely that you have been examined by your GP, we normally require that you be examined by one of our independent health professionals.

Why do I Need to Undergo an Independent Assessment?

In order to proceed with your claim we must be able to show that the injury or injuries you have received are linked to the accident for which you are claiming compensation.  If we can show that an independent doctor has reviewed your condition and established the necessary causal link between the incident you are claiming for and the injury you have suffered you will have a much greater chance of receiving the compensation you deserve.

Will I Have to Pay for the Examination?

No, this is covered by us and does not incur any extra or hidden fees.

I am Not Comfortable with Submitting to a Further Medical Examination – Can you Still Take on my Case?

If this is something you do not feel comfortable with due to the nature of your condition or injury, please speak to one of our lawyers and we will work out a solution which takes into account your feelings and concerns.