Your employer owes a duty to all their employees to keep them safe from hazard and harm at work.  Therefore, as long as you can prove that they breached that duty and their breach caused you damage, you can claim against your employer for an injury received while at work.

Steps to Take if You are Injured at Work

If you are injured on the job it is important to take the following steps in order to have a chance at a successful claim:

  • Ensure your own safety and seek medical attention
  • Inform your manager and Human Resources department but do not admit any fault
  • Make sure the accident is recorded in the accident book and obtain a copy of the entry
  • Obtain copies of your medical records
  • Contact an injury law specialist, especially if you have been offered compensation. Chances are you may be entitled to more than what your employer is suggesting

Should I Accept an Offer of Compensation Made Voluntarily by my Employer?

This is up to you, however, bear in mind that it is inevitable that your employer will offer you less than what you could be awarded if you make a claim.  Call our office on 0800 221 8888 and talk to us before accepting any offers of compensation prematurely.


Tragically, sometimes individuals set off to work in the morning never to return home.  If your loved one has lost their life through a workplace accident, you may be entitled to claim for compensation to assist you with the difficult time you face ahead.  Our highly training solicitors can assist you with bringing about a claim in a sensitive, compassionate manner and will consider your needs and feelings at all times throughout the process.