Can you make a compensation claim following an animal injury?

It is often said we are a nation of animal lovers, however perhaps for reasons outside of our control, we may find ourselves the unwitting victim of an injury caused by a domestic pet or farm animal, indeed any kind of animal. Think about injuries caused by animals and you may immediate think of dog bites. Whilst very common (in 2011 – 2012, official records show 6000 patients were admitted to hospital due to dog bites), other types of injuries to people caused by animals include:

  • Animals that stray onto a road in front of a motor vehicle
  • Riding accidents
  • Crushing injuries caused by livestock
  • Serious scratches by cats
  • Children injured by an animal in a petting zoo

In any situation of an injury caused by an animal, the circumstances can often be terrifying and traumatic for the person concerned.

What problems can arise as the result of an animal injury?

Animal injuries can incur both a physical and mental impact on the victim. Not only this, but the financial implications can be considerable, due to:

  • Loss of earnings as a result of not being able to work
  • The expense of medical treatment
  • The repair of your vehicle or other property if damaged by the animal
  • Counselling due to psychological trauma incurred

Such impacts can have a very detrimental effect and can often be significantly misunderstood and underestimated.

Am I entitled to claim if I am injured by an animal?

Animal injuries are often legislated under the Animal Act 1971; this was specifically put in place to cover under law, damage inflicted by animals. This is especially so for dangerous species or if the circumstances meet particular conditions, for example if there was negligence or perhaps the owner had provoked the animal to cause attack. Fortunately, often not every condition needs to be met to secure a successful claim. This is because the law establishing liability of animal attacks can be complicated. Our experienced lawyers will assess the specifics of your case and provide an honest opinion based on the facts you provide.

Next Steps

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