On yer bike? Yer at risk of injury

Cycling is a hugely popular form of transport, with millions of Britons saddling up each day to commute, get fit, have fun and simply get around in a cost-effective, eco-friendly manner. And with more cycle paths appearing across the country, it’s getting easier for cyclists to avoid the dangers of mixing with traffic on the roads.

Despite this, cyclists are still the most vulnerable group of road users. In 2011, the Department of Transport reported that 107 cyclists were killed on UK roads. In the same year, 3,085 cyclists suffered serious injuries and 16,023 sustained minor injuries – 19,106 casualties in total. And the true figures could be much higher, as these statistics only cover incidents and injuries that were reported to the police.

There are several reasons why cyclists are so exposed to risk. Bikes are smaller than other road-using vehicles and harder to see, especially if cyclists aren’t wearing high visibility clothing. Cyclists are also relatively unprotected, lacking the leathers and other specialist clothing worn by motorbike riders, and not being obliged to wear a helmet. But even with a helmet, a cyclist is still likely to be injured in a collision with a car or other vehicle.

The results of such collisions can be fairly minor – cuts, bruises and a few days off work. But major injuries such as broken bones, internal organ damage or concussion can have much longer-lasting consequences. You could even be left with permanent brain damage or disability. The only bright note is that if the accident wasn’t your fault, you’re entitled to claim compensation.

As well as compensating you for your physical injuries, the money you receive will help in other ways. You can pay for your bike to be repaired or replaced, and cover the cost of using other transport in the meantime. You don’t need to worry about lost earnings if you take a lot of time off work. And you can pay for extra treatment and services from practitioners such as chiropractors and osteopaths who don’t always work within the NHS.

Get the compensation you deserve

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