Road Safety and Compensation Claims

When it comes to the subject of road safety, there are always different voices quoting from various sources to back up their own particular case. The question therefore remains: are the roads a safer place today than they were in the past or is it more dangerous than ever to take to the tarmac?

As with many things, there are no black and white answers. Your own particular circumstances and relationship to the road will have just as big an impact on safety as any external factors such as road conditions or weather.


Vulnerable road users

Take for instance the case of cyclists. Something which has been in the news a great deal recently are high profile campaigns which aim to raise awareness of the dangers faced by these vulnerable road users. The suggestion that safety enhancing measures could be implemented has also been made, with this another prime focus.

In London, many predicted that the introduction of ‘Boris bikes’, the subsidised system of making shared bicycles available to the general public, would cause an increase in road accidents related to this vehicle. Figures suggest that in 2007 there was a cycling casualty for every 58,000 trips undertaken in the Capital and this has actually fallen to a rate of about 1 in every 49,000 for 2010.

Official government figures released by the Department Of Transport show that people killed or seriously injured on Britain’s roads across the country numbered 52,490 people in 2011, down by 5% from the same period the previous year. However, when it comes to cyclists there has been an 8% year on year rise.

Of course, accidents involving people on two wheels, whether pedal powered or on powerful motorcycles, often cause a knee jerk reaction over where to point the finger of blame. Contrary to popular belief, in many cases it is other road users whose negligence and unawareness towards the needs of cyclists who are to blame for the mishaps which could result serious injuries or even fatalities.


Accident compensation

In fact, any traffic collision might provide the basis for successful road accident claims when it comes to being financial compensated for injuries or other losses suffered. Any situation which results in injury or illness for an innocent party and where blame can be fairly apportioned to a third party is likely to have the grounds for a personal injury claim and its important you consider this action if involved in an accident.

When it comes to injuries sustained by road accidents, making a claim can be a relatively straightforward matter. Insurance is a legal requirement and should be in place to help cover damages to the car, with emotional and physical trauma compensation via personal injury claims.

If the cause of the accident was ill maintained roads or signage, then a public body may well be at fault. In such circumstances, claims will be need to be made against the body or organisation in question.