Avoiding Common Accident Mistakes – What You Need To Know Today

Accidents occur on a regular basis whether we like it or not. The most exasperating factor however is that most of today’s work related accidents could have more than likely been avoided.

In general, the most common work related incidents are due to a slip, trip or fall. Such injuries may seem trivial but if the injured party falls in an awkward position, he or she could suffer head injuries, broken bones or a sprained ankle.

There are many rules and regulations in place, which should prevent such incidents occurring. Such guidelines include the likes of thorough inductions, intensive training and clear instructions. All of these guidelines will ensure that the employees are trained to high standards, which should prevent any incidents from occurring. However mistakes do happen and when they do it is important that you contact an injury claim lawyer.

What to do in the case of an incident

In the unfortunate event of an incident, all parties involved will need to carry out a thorough investigation in order to determine the cause. This will ensure that such a mistake isn’t made again.

Those that have become hurt due to an accident in the workplace will be required to fill out an accident form. Once this has been completed, he or she may be entitled to seek compensation.

Compensation is available in order to ensure that you are looked after whilst out of work as the injury may prevent you from returning to work for many months. Sick pay won’t add up to as much as your normal wage, which could leave you a little short for cash. Compensation can be used to cover the likes of any medical bills and living costs you may need to cover in this instance.

Every working environment is required to have an insurance policy that covers the likes of the above events. If they fail to produce such insurance documents when requested, they could end up footing all of the legal bills themselves.

Ailments and Injuries

Burns are probably the next most commonly occurring injury in the workplace. Such an injury could be caused by a broken tap, a coffee machine or a spillage. In a more industrial environment, workers may suffer such an ailment due to a variety of hazardous substances. Again such an incident could be completely accidental; but it could also be the result of poor training.

Warning stickers should be attached to every dangerous substance in and out of sight, they should also appear extremely noticeable to the employee. This will alert employees to the possible dangers. The likes of signs and protective clothing will work to prevent such incidents from occurring.

There should always be a member of staff on duty that is trained to deal with the likes of such accidents; this is especially the case in high-risk environments. These individuals should provide the necessary treatment until the emergency services arrive to deal with the situation fully.