Revealed: The 5 Most Common Accidents In The Workplace

Accidents happen from time to time, and whilst some are completely unlucky others could have been prevented.

Individuals working in different industries are faced with different hazards and potential dangers, for example a chef is more likely to suffer a burn than somebody working in an office.

Often accidents in the workplace can be avoided as employers can take various measures to make sure the working environment is safe for their employees. Employers have a duty to make sure their employees are safe at work. If they are not, and an accident occurs, it can cost them thousands of pounds to put right.

Some injuries are common, such as trips and electrical accidents, whereas less common workplace injuries and illnesses include deafness and asthma. But what are the most frequent accidents arising in the workplace today?

Slips, trips and falls

Falling over in general accounts for a large number of workplace injuries. Whether an employee slips from a wet floor or trips from debris or rubble on the floor, falling over can lead to broken bones, injured back problems and head injuries.

The majority of slips, trips and falls can be avoided, which is why employees need to make sure they notify their employer on any potential hazards in order to prevent others suffering an injury.

Manual work accidents

Manual work, such as that in the agricultural industry typically involves lots of pulling, heaving lifting, carrying, pushing and moving various tools and equipment. Manual work can lead to obvious injuries such as back issues because of the strain put on muscles and the spine through heavy lifting.

However, heart problems can also occur from such work. Broken limbs and muscle injuries are also common from manual work accidents. Often people are carrying equipment that is too heavy or, rather than using lifting aides, choosing to move tools and other things unassisted.

Therefore, workers need to make sure they inform an employer if they feel any task is too strenuous or likely to cause an injury.


Many people are burnt at work from various hazardous substances. Often these substances have not been marked, secured or there are naked flames.

These accidents can be avoided by having warning stickers and signs on dangerous substances. Protective clothing should also be worn in environments with potentially harmful materials.

Vehicle collisions

People that work with motor vehicles are often involved in accidents. This can be caused by the driver being distracted from text messages or phone calls, eating and reading. Therefore, all employees should be warned of the dangers of distracting activities, which are responsible for more than half of accidents involved with motor vehicles.

Repetitive motion injury

Individuals that have to perform the exact same movements continuously over and over again are likely to suffer from repetitive motion injuries. These can arise from typing or by working in an awkward position.

Employees working in difficult or repetitive positions should be encouraged to adopt a better posture which can be enhanced with special equipment and ergonomic chairs.

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