Scaffolder Killed at CEMEX Plant in Accident at Work

In the early hours of Wednesday morning there was an industrial accident at work that resulted in the death of a worker at the CEMEX plant in Rugby.

The worker, whose name has not yet been announced, was 29 years old. At the time he had been employed by a CEMEX sub-contractor as a scaffolder. Following the accident paramedics attended the scene. They found that he had sustained serious head injuries and he was also in cardiac arrest. They did all that they could but unfortunately were unable to resuscitate him and he was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

Currently the incident is being investigated by the police and members of the Health and Safety Executive.

Ian Southcott, the community affairs manager for CEMEX, expressed his regret and sympathies for both the friends and the families of the worker. However he was unable to provide any more information on the accident at this stage.

The accident also involved another worker who was taken to hospital for treatment on a broken arm.

CEMEX is one of the leading building materials suppliers in the world and is the third biggest supplier of cement. Its HQ is in Mexico and it operates over four continents. It recently invested £3.5 million in the Rugby plant which currently is shut down to enable regular maintenance work, involving several contractors, to take place.

The police stated that the worker who died did not live in Rugby.