What Is ‘No Win No Fee’?

Nowadays, when you read a story in the media about someone who has received a large financial compensation settlement following an accident it often means that they will have taken advantage of a relatively new idea in the British judicial system. This is commonly known as a ‘no win no fee’ arrangement and is something entered into with your legal team.

In the past, people with genuine grounds for a claim against a third party for an illness or injury may well have been unable to carry through their actions due to a lack of finance available to fund the process.

The costs involved in taking any court action can ultimately run into high figure sums, due to the number of people involved and the remuneration that the legal profession demands. However, many successful court actions come accompanied with a ruling that the losing party pays the other parties legal costs and this is where the idea of a no win no fee UK deal originally comes from.

Although some firms will have hidden charges in the small print of the agreement, reputable firms of lawyers such as don’t work in this way, and operate with a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis for your peace of mind.

This arrangement basically means that anyone who may have solid grounds for a claim has no reason to miss out on the opportunity to go some way towards righting a wrong that may have been done to them. If an injury or illness is suffered by someone through no fault of their own and the blame lies with someone else, surely it is reasonable to expect that some form of financial redress will be made?

There are many situations that can give rise to such circumstances, whether it might be the more familiar scenario of a road accident or perhaps a workplace related incident, right through to things such as a sporting injury caused by faulty equipment or a medical negligence claim caused by the mistakes of those caring for you.

Whatever the cause of the injury or the basis of the claim, it is always worth looking into whether or not your case is deemed strong enough to be taken on by a reputable firm on a ‘no win no fee’ basis. It will cost you nothing to have an objective assessment of your case made and any subsequent claim will only proceed if it fits certain criteria whereby the lawyers feel it has a high chance of success.

This means that you do not waste time, money or effort chasing an unlikely outcome when your efforts would be better placed at ensuring your own swift recovery. It also means that if you do indeed have a strong basis for a claim, you can be assured that everything that needs to be done will be undertaken on your behalf by a highly qualified and experienced team.