Food poisoning – could you make a claim?

Christmas is traditionally a time for enjoying food and drink whilst celebrating with friends and family. But, what should have been a happy occasion at the Railway Hotel in Hornchurch, Essex, turned sour when 30 diners fell ill after their Christmas Day meal last December. Tragically, one lady has since passed away. And tests carried out by the Health Protection Agency have revealed that food poisoning bacteria may have been the cause.

Food poisoning is a very common illness, with Hospital Episodes Statistics reporting around 5.5 million cases a year. Most instances occur in the home and are caused by eating produce that’s undercooked, has been stored incorrectly or has simply gone off. But sometimes, restaurants, hotels, pubs, takeaways, supermarkets and other food outlets are at fault. If this is the case, consumers are entitled to claim compensation.

Why claim compensation for food poisoning?

Some people hesitate to make food poisoning claims, because the damage was ‘accidental’ and wasn’t done on purpose. But, if you’ve paid good money for a meal that has made you unwell – even for just a few days – then you deserve some recompense for that unpleasant experience. And if you’ve had to take time off work or away from your business, or pay for medical treatment, you should be compensated for that, too.

How do I make a claim?

First, you’ll need to produce medical evidence that you’ve suffered from food poisoning. This might be a note from your GP, or hospital records if you were admitted to hospital. Also, you’ll have to prove that you contracted food poisoning as a result of eating or buying food at the company in question. This might involve an official investigation into the company’s hygiene standards and/or its food preparation and cooking practices, as well as finding out whether other people have suffered the same ill effects.

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