The Ever Present Dangers In The workplace

Those that work in a variety of high risk industries are more at risk than others when it comes to work related accidents. If you work for a respectable company, the managers will most likely go out of their way to prevent such accidents by enforcing a strict set of health and safety regulations.

In order to do this they will ensure that all their employees receive full training and a lengthy induction. Various signs and instructions should be visible throughout the department, especially if working in the likes of an industrial factory. Without training, machinery can be extremely hazardous; one piece of equipment placed in the wrong place could cause someone else great danger.

Companies that ignore such measures will be left to foot enormous expenses if an accident does occur. The company in question would be expected to shell out to cover various legal fees in order to rectify the situation, and even after this the business’ status could be left damaged.

Some accidents are more common than others and often come in the shape of electrical orientated injuries and trips. Less common ailments include the likes of long-term injuries, such as breathing difficulties and hearing problems.

Even a small accidental slip can cause broken bones, which is why it is important for every working environment to have their backs covered.

Slips, trips and falls

One of the most reported accidents in the work place is falling over. Such an accident makes up the majority of work environment injuries. The injury is usually in response to a wet floor or some unseen debris. If the fall is bad enough, the injured party could suffer the likes of head injuries, back problems and broken bones. More often than not, such an incident could have been avoided and is often due to someone else’s carelessness.

In order for such incidents to be avoided in the future, the injured party must notify the manager on duty. Other employees should always report any potential hazards on first sight. Such actions will prevent fellow colleagues from hurting themselves needlessly.

Manual work accidents

One particular industry that involves the likes of heavy machinery is agriculture. Many who work in such an environment will be expected to pull, lift and carry a variety of weighty objects. They will also be required to operate a number of tools and equipment.

Manual work can often lead to injury and usually includes a variety of back problems. This is quite simply because of the pressure on both the back and spine, which is almost always caused through heavy lifting.

Other injuries may include the likes of damaged limbs, pulled muscles and heart problems. These accidents tend to happen because the individual in question has failed to use some form of lifting apparatus.

What to do if an accident does occur

The first thing to do is notify your employer, he or she will then ask you to fill in an accident form. You may then wish to invest in a little legal advice. InjuryLawyers4U are UK based Injury Lawyers , who work hard to ensure that you receive the personal injury compensation that you deserve.