Boy wins compensation and fight to clear name

A London student has won a two year battle with the Metropolitan Police to remove inaccurate information about him on police records and enable him to receive criminal injury compensation. Jonathan Fromings, now 17, was injured in a fight at school two years ago, sustaining a broken eye socket and bruising.

The fight was captured on CCTV, clearly showing that Jonathan was attacked first. However, the information entered into police records said that he’d started the fight and included inaccurate details of his injuries. Despite the CCTV evidence, a teacher’s report and a medical report, Jonathan was initially denied criminal injury compensation.

However, his claim was later accepted and he has now been paid £5,720. Following a two year civil action against Met Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the false information about Jonathan has now been removed from Scotland Yard records.

A spokesperson for personal injury law firm, Injury Lawyers 4U, commented: ‘Criminal injury compensation awards are dealt with by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) and are subject to strict criteria, such as the victim having to prove they’re blameless for the crime that resulted in the injury. This is why Jonathan’s original compensation claim was rejected. It’s good to see that he’s managed to clear his name and receive the financial award he deserves.’

Criminal injury compensation awards are made on a sliding scale, depending on the severity of the injuries, or the nature of a sexual crime. Claims can be made for all kinds of injuries, including emotional or psychological damage. Family members can also make claims on behalf of relatives who are injured or killed whilst in police custody.

To be valid, claims must relate to crimes carried out in England, Scotland or Wales within the last two years. As well as being blameless for the crime, you must also report it to the police and be able to show that you cooperated with them during their investigations.

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