Brain-Damaged Boy Receives £7.3m Payout From NHS

A 13 year old boy has received £7.3 million in compensation from the Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Trust after alleged medical negligence following heart surgery in 1999 led to permanent brain damage. Robbie Crane from Hertfordshire was awarded the money in an out-of-court settlement for a claim against Harefield Hospital in Middlesex. The NHS Trust denies liability.

The operation to correct a defect in Robbie’s heart was a success, but alleged negligent treatment afterwards led the child to sustain devastating brain damage. Robbie now has cerebral palsy, learning difficulties and other problems that require 24 hour care in specially-adapted accommodation. The £7.3 million compensation award means his parents and trustees can make sure he gets the care and support he needs to achieve the best possible quality of life as a child, and later as an adult.

Whilst Robbie’s case is one of permanent and lifelong disability, medical negligence cases can take many forms – from birth injuries and surgical errors, to cosmetic procedures and dental work that’s gone wrong. However, all cases have a common denominator: they’re caused by the negligence, mistakes or failure in the duty of care of one or more medical professionals.

If you’ve experienced medical negligence of any kind, you’re entitled to compensation, whether you escaped without serious harm, or suffered life-changing or even life-threatening consequences. Claiming for medical negligence isn’t about ‘getting your own back’ on the medical profession. It’s about compensating you for the physical and mental trauma you’ve undergone, and providing you with the financial means to access any extra support and care you need to recover or regain your quality of life.

What’s more, bringing poor practices to light will help prevent other people suffering from similar negligence in the future – so it’s vitally important to pursue your claim.

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