Dale Farm Protestor Wins Claim Against Police

A woman who was arrested whilst protesting against the Dale Farm traveller evictions in October 2011 has won undisclosed damaged from Essex Police. Lu Smith was arrested whilst obstructing a bailiff and held in a police van for several hours with no access to water or toilet facilities. She was then held in a police station for 25 hours, despite having only committed a minor offence.

As a result of her experiences, Ms Smith made a civil claim for assault, false imprisonment and breach of human rights against Essex Police, and the case was settled out of court. Seven other Dale Farm protesters are now understood to be pursuing similar actions.

Whilst Ms Smith’s case was successful, it’s easy to see why some people would hesitate to claim against the police. But if you’ve been harmed by the direct action of a police officer or whilst in custody, the law says you’re entitled to claim compensation.

Claims against the police can take many different forms, including:

  •  – Injuries resulting from physical violence, restraint or assault by a police officer
  •  – Discrimination, harassment or abuse relating to race, gender or sexual orientation
  •  – False imprisonment and wrongful arrest
  •  – Road accidents caused by police vehicles
  •  – Mental or emotional distress directly caused by the police or whilst in custody
  •  – Injuries or death caused to family members whilst being held by the police.

Whatever the nature of your claim, it’s important to seek expert advice from an experienced personal injury lawyer. Claims against the police can be complex, often requiring medical evidence to be obtained and certified, or the Independent Police Claims Commission to be involved. Injury Lawyers 4U are here to help.

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