PTSD: It’s Not Just Soldiers That Suffer

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is usually associated with the military, which isn’t surprising given the highly stressful conditions and traumatic experiences endured by our armed forces. But whilst the military certainly accounts for many cases, this devastating condition can strike people in any walk of life. Here are just a few examples.

Work-related PTSD

Many jobs carry risks, or require staff to be involved in incidents that can result in severe mental trauma. For example, after the 2007 London terrorist bombings, many emergency workers who attended the disaster locations later suffered psychological problems including PTSD. And when 33 miners were trapped for 69 days in a collapsed Chilean mine in 2010, all but one developed PTSD afterwards.

Crime-related PTSD

Victims of physical or sexual abuse, abduction, or other traumatic crimes can later be diagnosed with PTSD as they struggle to reclaim their lives. Similarly, a witness to a violent or horrific crime might find the experience stays with them, resulting in nightmares, depression and other symptoms of PTSD.

Medical PTSD

Studies have shown that stressful conditions in hospital emergency departments or Intensive Care Units can cause PTSD in patients. And according to the Birth Trauma Association, up to 10,000 women a year may develop PTSD as a result of a traumatic birth experience.

Accident-related PTSD

From car crashes to major transport incidents, travel-related accidents are a frequent cause of PTSD. On top of the usual symptoms such as flashbacks, nightmares and panic attacks, people who have survived fatal incidents are often also hit by ‘survivor’s guilt’, which can cause severe depression.


Claiming compensation for PTSD

It’s not always possible to claim compensation for PTSD. But if you can show that the PTSD or other mental trauma was directly caused by someone else’s (or an organisation’s) actions, negligence or omission, then you may be entitled to make a claim.

Don’t feel guilty about claiming for PTSD. You deserve to receive compensation so you can access the support, treatment and counselling you need to get over your bad experience and move on with your life.


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