Stay safe on holiday this summer

Everyone looks forward to a summer break, but every year many British tourists suffer injuries or illnesses abroad that could have been prevented. This article from leading personal injury solicitors, Injury Lawyers 4U, offers some helpful advice on staying safe this summer and explains what to do if an incident occurs.

Hotel safety

All kinds of accidents can happen in hotels, from slips and trips on uneven pathways to diving into shallow swimming pools with inadequate warning signs. You’d be surprised how many people fall off hotel or apartment balconies each year, too! Of course, not all hotel accidents are the proprietor’s fault, so it’s important to take extra care to avoid any incidents happening to you or a family member.

Road safety

Road accidents are one of the most common types of accidents abroad, often due to issues such as unfamiliar road layouts, substandard road surfaces and unsafe vehicles. If you’re on foot, always exercise extreme caution when crossing the road as rights of way may not be the same as in the UK. And if you hire a vehicle, check that it’s roadworthy before you drive it away. Mopeds should be avoided if possible.

Food and drink

Holidays abroad are a great opportunity to sample new cuisines, but foreign hygiene standards aren’t always up to scratch. Avoid eating in roadside establishments or from buffets where the food has been kept warm. And watch out for ice put in drinks or used to chill food, as it may be made from impure water.

What to do if something goes wrong

If you’re injured in an accident abroad that wasn’t your fault, or contract an illness such as food poisoning, you can claim compensation just like in the UK. Dealing with an incident abroad can be daunting, but Injury Lawyers 4U are here to help.

Here’s what you need to do whilst you’re still on holiday:

  •  – Get medical treatment for your injuries or illness.
  •  – Report the incident to the police if necessary.
  •  – Tell your tour operator about the incident, if applicable.
  •  – Gather as much evidence as you can, e.g. witness names and addresses, or photographs of the incident site.
  •  – Keep all relevant paperwork, especially medical documents such as hospital receipts or discharge paperwork.

Then, call Injury Lawyers 4U on 0845 345 4444 or fill in the short form on our website. We’ve handled hundreds of successful accident compensation claims for overseas incidents and you can trust us to help you get all the compensation you deserve.