Without having the facts of your particular case at hand it is impossible to give an estimate of the amount of compensation that you could expect.  However, we know how precious your time is, therefore, we will not take on your case unless we know you have an excellent chance of receiving a payment.

Can You Give Me A Rough Idea?

Here is a very general guideline to the amount of money awarded for some of the most common types of claims:

  • Whiplash – £1000-£5000
  • Brain Damage – £10,000 – £265,000
  • Food Poisoning – £600-£34,000
  • Work-related Upper Limb Disorder – £1,500 – £15,000
  • Back injury – Up to £100,000
  • Dermatitis – £1,000-£10,000

What Factors will the Court Base my Award On

The court will assess the situation which caused your injury, the level of negligence involved by the Defendant and the extent of the damage you have suffered, both physically and/or psychologically when deciding how much compensation to award you.