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Head Injury Accident Claims

Any personal injury affecting the head and brain is potentially very dangerous. The head and brain are delicate, and an injury can potentially have long-lasting and life-changing consequences. In worst case scenarios, possible results of a head injury are blindness, brain damage, and comas. A head injury could affect your personality, and lead to mood swings, depression, anger issues, and general emotional instability.

If specific areas of your brain are damaged then this could result in cognitive difficulty in speech and memory. Epilepsy and PTSD might be other risks. All of these symptoms will have a huge impact on the way you live and your general health and well-being. It is not fair that someone who has received a head injury through no fault of their own should then have to shoulder the consequences alone or unaided. Head injuries can mean long-term changes to your life, which could cost a considerable amount of money. That’s why there is the option of claiming compensation if another person or company is at fault.

Grounds for a claim

You have grounds for a head injury claim if someone else was responsible for the circumstances that led to the injury. A common example might be a car accident – if it can be determined that the crash was the fault of the other person, they can be prosecuted for your resulting injuries.

If your accident happened at work through falling on a wet floor, being hurt by improperly maintained machinery or appliances or other unsafe working conditions, then your employers are responsible, as it is their duty to keep the working environment as safe as possible for their employers.

If your child suffered a head injury while in the care of someone else, this too could be grounds for a claim.

Why should I make a claim?

After receiving a head injury, you may have a whole new collection of costs to cover. Therapy, time off work or inability to work again, replacement childcare, and different transport needs can all be expensive, not to mention the psychological effect of such a life-changing injury. A compensation claim should be able to get you everything you need to properly recover without having to deal with anxiety over money.

How to claim for a head injury

Going through the legal procedure for making a claim can be yet another unwanted source of worry while dealing with the results of a head injury. At Injury Lawyers 4U our team of specialist personal injury lawyers are fully aware of the challenges a head injury presents, and will do everything in their power to make the claim process smoother for you. They can advise you on financial issues and rehabilitation resources, and make sure the necessary evidence, medical and otherwise is ready and available.

Receiving compensation

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