Interested in Cycling? UK Cycle Accident Statistics & Tips for Staying Safe

The UK is expected to see a boom in the number of people deciding to take up cycling following British success in the Tour de France, Olympics and Paralympic Games, as well as the recent Tour of Britain.
Cycling has numerous benefits; saving money, being good for the environment and your health are the main reasons people decide to ditch their cars and use their bicycles to get to and from work. However, many are put off from cycling due to the risk they face on busy, dangerous roads in our towns and cities.

We have put together this infographic to show some key stats into accidents, injuries and the various dangers you may face on the road, as well as some safety important tips to help you to ride your bike with confidence.
Key figures to look out for include the safest and most dangerous areas for cycling in the UK – with Pontypridd in Wales and the Holborn area of London taking these respective crowns.

It also shows that approximately half of all cyclist injuries suffer are to their heads. This shows how important wearing a helmet is; something which Tour de France winner Bradley Wiggins has argued should be made a legal requirement in recent weeks.

See these stats in more detail, plus much more in the infographic below.

UK Cycle Accident Statistics & Tips for Staying Safe

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