Revealed – The Dangers Of Commuting To Work

A survey by insurance company LV has revealed the dangers faced by British commuters whilst travelling to and from work. Their research found that an amazing 1.7 million people have to take time off work each year because of injuries sustained whilst commuting, and the average person is at risk of serious injury 32 times each week.

Key figures released in LV’s report included:

  •  – The average commuter takes 1,600 risks a year
  •  – The biggest dangers are crossing the road without looking and running down stairs or escalators
  •  – 40% of people admitted jumping on to trains or buses whilst the doors are closing
  •  – 39% of commuters walk into the road to get around slower pedestrians
  •  – With an average of 35 risks a week, women take more risks than men.

The results of commuting injuries can be serious, with LV finding that some of the commonest risks resulted in people taking more than three months off work. And whilst the people surveyed admitted that they were injured because they took risks, many more commuters are injured every year through no fault of their own.

If you’ve been injured in a commuting accident that wasn’t your fault, you could be entitled to claim compensation – whether you were travelling on foot, by bike, car, bus, tram or train. Britain’s roads are especially dangerous and in the daily rush to get to and from work, not everyone takes as much care as they should. According to the Department of Transport, almost 204,000 people were killed or injured in road traffic accidents in 2011 alone.

Claiming compensation for a road traffic accident

As the LV survey revealed, the effects of a road traffic accident aren’t just physical – you could end up being seriously out of pocket if you have to take a long time off work. On top of that, you may need to pay for specialist treatment, care or therapy that isn’t available on the NHS to help you recover or regain your quality of life. Claiming compensation means you can focus on getting better without worrying about financial issues.

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