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Using No Win No Fee Arrangements When Claiming For Clinical Negligence

Becoming a victim of clinical negligence (formally known as medical negligence) can be a devastating experience.  After all, it is likely that you were already in a position of physical distress, and this caused you to seek assistance from a healthcare professional. To have additional pain and injury caused by clinical negligence can set you […]

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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Ambulance Workers

In April 2003, findings published in the British Medical Journal showed that emergency service workers are at high risk of developing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  The study questioned 617 personnel who worked for ambulance service, and it found that 22% suffered from some form of PTSD. This is a troubling figure.  Ambulance personnel are required […]

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No Win No Fee – What’s In It For Me?

The ‘no win no fee’ arrangement is one that can benefit a claimant in many different ways.  Unfortunately, because of a few isolated cases where individuals have been charged solicitors fees when their case was unsuccessful, many people are naturally suspicious when a law firm provides services on this basis. This blog is designed to […]

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No Win No Fee – No Insurance? How Taking Out Insurance Can Protect You in a Personal Injury Case

Continuing our series on ‘no win no fee’, this article discusses the insurance options available to claimants that provide protection against paying legal costs and expenses. As mentioned in the previous blog , the no win no fee model was introduced in the mid-1990s in order to give people access to justice without the risk […]

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No Win No Fee and Access to Justice

Imagine you are an office worker or labourer, going about your daily business when suddenly a car knocks you down.  Or a pile of scaffolding falls on top of you.  Or you slip and break your leg on a wet supermarket floor.  The injury you suffer leaves you unable to work, the bills and mortgage […]

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